We strive to optimize our customers’ business processes and ensure uninterrupted production, therefore we deliver products within 24 hours on working days. It is important to place the order on working days before 2 p.m.

We can ensure gas supply according to your needs, depending on your production volume:

Filling and delivery of standard gas and gas mixture cylinders.
Filling and delivery of non-standard gas cylinders.
Delivery of liquefied gas by tank trucks (up to 22 t per trip).
Gas monitoring and uninterrupted gas supply after the installation of a telemetric gas supply system. The remote data transmission system enables high-quality performance of all activities related to gas supply – from gas quantity monitoring to delivery to tanks or replacement of cylinder bundles.

We can deliver gas to your place of business, the nearest Gaschema sales point or partner representative offices. Gaschema’s nationwide retail network includes 5 Gaschema supermarkets and an ever-expanding network of distributors. With this network, you can purchase or exchange standard technical gas cylinders without pre-ordering. Special gas produced according to an individual order, gas mixtures and dry ice are supplied only after signing an agreement with Gaschema on the conditions of production and delivery of the above-mentioned products.

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Delivery time is longer than 24 hours for gas supply:

In non-standard or customer-owned containers (cylinders, dewars, Eurocylinders);
Special gases, vol. y. gas by individual order.

In case of unforeseen circumstances, we provide emergency and emergency product delivery services.