Launch of new air separation unit

Naujiena-Oro_Skaidymo-blokas40-year old equipment to be replaced

The air separation unit project was launched in July 2013, when Italian company SIAD signed a contract on process part of the air separation unit project and supply of equipment to Achema plant. Site design was outsourced to company Sweco Lietuva, and construction works on the plant site were launched in October 2014.

The new air separation technology allows producing high-quality (pure) products of technical gases: liquid nitrogen, hydrogen and argon, as well as gaseous nitrogen and hydrogen. Gaseous nitrogen produced by the air separation unit is also used in technological processes of fertiliser production.

The installed Italian equipment was to replace the obsolete equipment that is inefficient in terms of energy efficiency and had been used since 1960s. The new air separation unit is estimated to cut the energy costs of air separation product generation by up to 30 %.

Construction, installation and launch of the new air separation unit have been implemented by joint efforts of employees at Achema, AB and companies and employees from 6 other countries: Italy, Korea, Russia, France, India, Bulgaria.

New products entering the market

New products are produced by the new air separation unit and enter the market: liquid nitrogen (used in refrigeration, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, transport industries); liquid oxygen (metalworking, aviation industries, glass, rockwool production, fishery); liquid argon – irreplaceable substance in metallurgy and metalworking industries. Liquid gases are also used as a raw material in already available gas products.

The air separation unit will also be used for production of products that are completely new on the Lithuanian map and have been imported by Gaschema competitors to date: liquid and gaseous medical oxygen for healthcare establishments. As part of expansion of the medical gas range, Gaschema anticipates to offer new products of medical gases licensed by foreign companies: nitrogen suboxide, medical nitrogen, medical carbonic acid gas, medical synthetic air and gaseous mixtures.