Propane (C3H8) is combustible, colourless and non-toxic gas obtained by processing oil products or natural gas. In order to transport propane or use it as fuel, it is turned into liquid.

We offer to purchase liquid propane in storage tank of 990 l.

Fields of industry:

Propanas naudojamas kaip kuras automobiliams bei pramoniniams krautuvams.

Construction and road works

Propane is widely used for construction works, metal cutting, heating and smelting, piping works, connection and soldering of cables. Propane is also used for heating and drying road coats and their surfacing with concrete.


Propane is used as fuel burnt in oxygen environment (e. g., when welding, cutting, soldering, soldering with solid solder, heating and cutting with flame).

Propane is used as thermal energy in heaters of industrial or other buildings (with no possibility of electrical heating). Propane is also used for heating terraces.


Propane is explosive when its concentration in the air amounts to 2.2-9.5%. Propane is denser than the air, therefore, leaking gas moves down and push out the air causing a considerable danger of explosion or suffocation. More information on safe handling of propane is provided in the material safety data sheet.