“Gaschema” offers argon mixtures with carbon dioxide (according to the need and/or in combination with oxygen). It is a colourless, odourless and non-flammable gas mixture.

Argon is one of the main composite parts of protective welding mixtures. Protective gas protects the electrode, metal basin and heated metal near the welding seam from the ambient air as well as facilitates the welding process and improves welding characteristics. Argon is mixed with oxidising components when welding untreated and treated steel (MAG).

Argon mixtures with carbon dioxide are universal and suitable for welding low-treated and stainless steel.

We offer to buy the following argon and carbon dioxide mixtures:

Gas mixture Cylinder Pressure Volume
ArC2 40 l 200 bar 8,53 m³
ArC2 50 l 200 bar 10,7 m³
ArC8 50 l 200 bar 11,1 m³
ArC8 12 x 50 l 200 bar 133,2 m³
ArC10 50 l 200 bar 11,5 m³
ArC18 10 l 200 bar 2,37 m³
ArC18 20 l 200 bar 4,76 m³
ArC18 50 l 200 bar 11,8 m³
ArC18 12 x 50 l 200 bar 141,6 m³
ArC25 50 l 200 bar 12,4 m³

We can fill the cylinders with gas mixtures according to the desired composition and technology necessary for the production. In view of the area of activity and client’s requests, the gas mixtures of two or three components are produced according to individual demand.

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When using argon mixtures with carbon dioxide for welding, a stronger welding seam is obtained, because the metal is casted more evenly and internal tensions of welding seam are lower. The obtained seam is lower than in case of welding with carbon dioxide. When using this mixture, the quality is maintained and welding process is faster.


Work premises where argon and carbon dioxide mixture is used should be ventilated, because high argon concentration can cause dizziness or pain, nausea, increased blood-pressure or heart rate. Under moist air conditions, carbon dioxide that is hazardous to eyes can be formed. More information on safe handling of argon and carbon dioxide mixtures is provided in the material safety data sheet.